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Christmas Puppies

Jenny At Blackpool (edited background)

We could see ever so much better without the tree . . . . . . .

Didn't hear The Boss sneaking  in . . .

Little Bru

L to R - Sam, Bella, Mitzy & Peggy.

Bottom window  - Flinders: top window - Bruno.

Sam keeping out of the way when the decorating starts

A Christmas present for the Little Foxes, which Emma adopted as her own, fending off all-comers - especially Mitzy and Lucy, who got in and took over at every opportunity.

A portrait of Bella

Sam sitting in the front room trying to blend in with the "other dogs".

That's where we came from . . . . . . .

That's where we're going (the top of the mountain in the distance).

On the way back. If the Editor wasn't such a rotten photographer, you'd see how high up we were.

Rollie - the original Rolliecon from 1962

Lucy as a puppy

The birds have plenty of competition when Peggy's around and about.

Sam trying to get a bit of rest, with Flynders and Bindi muscling in.

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