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Our Sam (It's All Go Boy Wonder Of Rolliecon). Notice the beautiful long, lean head.

Sam's father Bruno (Caped Crusader Of Rolliecon)

International Champion Bruno The Brave - Sam's grandfather & Bruno's father

A photo of Ruskin, Sam's son, completing a fourth generation. Photo by kind permission of Julia Strong.

Gemma - taken in her favourite box, and undisputed Chief Dog for years.

The birds have got serious competition when Peggy is about

Sam exploring the stripping room at Little Foxes. A very agile jumper, is Sam.

Sam demonstrating how unfair shows can be, glaring at the overweight dog on the left who beat him. The Judge (in blue) and the owner (yellow boots) were friends.

Sam in the garden - spring 2006

Barney - hanging about.

Ever the opportunist, Sam was found snoozing in the guitar case one afternoon when we went looking for him (he's got dens all over the house). We were so amazed we went and got the camera and took a one-in-a-thousand shot of him.  It's not a small case, but neither is Sam a small dog.  Sam now goes looking to see if the case is open, empty and on the bed in one of the spare bedrooms .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . .  .

 . . . . . . . . .  . so this naturally gave us an idea for an unusual puppy photograph.  As usual with a job like this, the four pictures  represent  dozens of photos which didn't work out.  And to any Martin owners out there - don't worry;  the guitar was well out of the way and the case was lined with rubber before any puppy went near it.

Megan checking to see if the coast is clear . . . . .

I can do this; I know I can. Just a bit more effort and I'll be out.

The latest picture of Scamp in Manchester

Megan, safely installed in her new home. Last seen sitting on the front seat of a Range Rover  without a care in the world, and ready to take on a 200 mile journey as though she did it every day.

Further reports to follow.

Latest picture of Snowy, who  - at three months - has just managed to cost  the insurance company a fortune, and his owners a great deal of worry and upset when he managed to break some small bones in one of his back feet . . . .  and that was while on a lead! His poor old mum  - who's lost half a stone in weight with worry - wants us to stress that she wasn't beating him up. No need to worry on that score; we all know how brave, fiendish and headstrong Wire Fox Terrier puppies can be. You daren't take your eyes off them until they're about 8 or 9 years old.

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