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A cardboard banana box in the kitchen and everybody wants to get in it.  A good quality rope toy keeps them amused for hours..

Flynders woke up to find her crate's been invaded

Caught in the act again.  Sam said - "this isn't the same case. I can barely sit in this one, let alone have a snooze."

It didn't stop him trying; eventually the lid fell on him, and he abandoned the idea.  

We found this in an old magazine supplement; we're not sure of the date - but it's probably more modern than it looks.

Another old print we found at an antique fair - probably from the 1930's.

We found this one in an old picture book.

Another old print found in an antique fair

Two pictures of Sam's latest of several burglaries over the years. A cheeselets  packet left were it was supposedly safe.  Taken to one of his "dens" in one of the spare bedrooms.  Luckily, we heard the packet rustling as Sam sneaked upstairs  - so we grabbed the camera and took the shot. The cardboard box is a very old one  - used for Peggy when she was a puppy.  Sam is getting more like Bruno - his dad  - every day.

Four pictures of Megan taken in her new home during the last couple of months.   Megan's best pal and playmate is the cat, which we'd have a hard time taking in  if we hadn't seen the video footage for ourselves.

Tina - Bindi's puppy - taken recently.  You can certainly tell it's Bindi's puppy; she looks exactly like her.

This is Bea Bea, who came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. She's being prepared by her owner Alan at the Birmingham Show recently.

We found these pictures on Ebay, and we paid a bit for them: several bidders went quite high.  They were really quite sad, in a way; both owners and dog almost certainly long, long gone.  The photographs - 11 of them in all - came from an album dated 1931 and titled "Our Little Bob".  The seller was not able to give us any more information, but they clearly show the owners and dog live in a large house and grounds.  The pictures obviously eventually passed on to an ancestor who had no need of them.  Gives you a good idea where all your pictures are going to end up, doesn't it?

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