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For a couple of years, now, we've noticed that strawberries were vanishing overnight, and yesterday we've found the culprit.  We went into the garden to see Sam happily helping himself to the biggest and best of the strawberries from  the plants. By the time we got back with the camera, Sam was pretending to admire the view through the trellis, despite being caught as red-handed as possible.  Half an hour later, during a break from looking after her puppies, Flynders  decided to help herself  (not that Sam had left many ripe ones) and we were ready with the camera this time.  Strawberry scrumping seems to run in Sam's family, because Bruno (Sam's dad) was an expert at it. He could walk past the strawberry plants and grab a mouthful of strawberries (Bruno wasn't fussy if they were ripe or not) without slowing down.

Here he is again; this time he sneaked into the room while I was downstairs, and settled himself down in the guitar case before I knew what he was up to. Normally I shut the lid, and it beats me how he can get comfortable, anyway; Sam's one of the largest Fox Terriers we've even known - but as you can see from the photo, he manages it.  He's now tried out the Martin, the Guild, the Gibson and the Epiphone cases.  If the cases are shut, given half the chance and he'd happily lie on the music sheets. I usually keep them well out of the way.

Normally, all the dogs are sensibly put away when we have visitors  who are going to eat anything; but when we have friends who've bred, owned, shown and trained Wire Fox Terriers for nearly 50 years, and have had as many as 12 at any one time, we don't mind letting Sam have the run of the house. Our visitors wanted to see if Sam would take the opportunity to grab an oven chip if he got the chance. They should have known; after all - they did have Sam's dad, Bruno, for long enough

Oscar at home

Ruby at home

Charlie Brown & Katie playing with a giant ball (Katie took it to her new home).

Sam keeping his eye on Katie & Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown playing in a plant pot (yes - the lawn did need cutting). He also managed to climb into a strawberry plant pot, which we had to tip upside down to get him out.  You can't take your eyes of a puppy in a garden.

Sam having a rest on one of the sofas. Sam likes plenty of rests. He says he needs all the rests he can manage in between litters of puppies; it's tiring enough having to keep Bindi and Flynders in their proper  places, but puppies don't seem to have any respect for their elders and betters

Sam in one of the guitar cases in one of the spare bedrooms. It's a different angle from the photo at the top of the page, but taken at the same  time. For some inexplicable reason Sam loves getting in the guitar cases if he can; I've given up shooing him out.

This is what happens when you do shoo Sam out of a guitar case. Taken about an hour after I moved him out of the case. There was nothing "set up" about the photo.  Sam is an expert at getting under the blankets - and he doesn't care who's already there - and only looked up to see who'd come in.

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