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The Wire Fox

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Tarka Baggins visiting little Little Foxes. This picture is a still, taken from a video we took at Little Foxes about 12 years ago.  Tarka was an old boy then, and sadly no longer with us. Kind permission of Mrs Ho.  I always liked  Tarka Baggins. He was a lovely big boy - the same size as Bruno, possibly as big as Sam; a proper sized male Wire Fox Terrier in my opinion.

Four pictures of the much-loved late Casper, kindly by his owner. The top left shows a really good dog - short back, good ear set, tail on line with his ears.

Above are some photos kindly sent by Jessica, whose family had Oscar (top right). Oscar came from a very long-lived litter. Oscar, Susie and Sally all lived to 17; the fourth one in the litter - our Peggy - only made it to 13. That's Lady in the top left photo, Oscar and Trudie in the bottom left photo, and Trudie on the bottom right.

Here he is again in one of the spare bedrooms. August 2010. The guitar case had only been open for a minute or two; Sam likes the Epiphone case - it's big and he can settle in comfortably. . . . .

A quick look to make sure it's only me ( with the camera) . . . . . .

 . . . . and then settle down (on the sheet music - but fortunately only copies) for a snooze..

Three pictures taken of the Rita's original Rolliecon dogs in the 1960's and early 1970's.  We'll get a list of who's who when we can, but that's Wilfred in the front of the middle photo.  John John and Jane are in the right hand one.

Here's Sam again, getting comfortable. 14 next month, Sam has trouble jumping up onto the taller chairs so we bought a nice broad footstool to help him get onto his favourite chair. Of course  - Sam now prefers the stool to the chair, and nobody can get past him onto the chair.  Sam has a double-whammy, because he has both Diabetes and Cushings Syndrome - both life threatening if not treated and monitored properly. One of the effects of Cushings Syndrome is muscle wastage; Sam can walk and move along normally and happily, but can no longer put his entire weight onto his back legs to jump high.  His weight doesn't help, because he's 12.3kg, which is heavy for a normal Wire Fox Terrier - but Sam is much bigger and taller than the average Wire, and our Vet is happy with his weight, and - so far - Sam hasn't yet got an "old dog" body. Both the Diabetes and Cushings have been stabilised. Sam has one Vetoryl daily to deal with the Cushings, and 15 units of Caninsulin daily - half in the morning, half last thing in the evening. - to combat the Diabetes. Regular blood checks and urine tests help monitor the diabetes.

Update: six months have passed since the above photo was taken.  One or two things have changed.  Sam is still in pretty good health, considering he's diabetic and has Cushings Syndrome, but his back legs are noticeably weaker.  He can still use the stool to get on the sofa - he sort of climbs on, as opposed to jumps - and he can still happily prowl around the grounds of Little Foxes, and his own garden. He prefers to stay on the floor or sleep in one of his dens.  His eyesight isn't as good as it was (neither's mine) but he had a recent check at the Vets, and our Vet was happy enough with him.  We have to watch him jumping down the steps out of the back door.  He still thinks he can do it, and most of the time he can  - but now and then his back legs let him down. We've made him a ramp, which he ignores. The two steps into the kitchen are stone, and Sam can't get any traction with his back legs.  He prefers to bark until somebody goes and lifts him in.  Knowing the Fox Terrier nature, it won't be long before one or more of the others catches on to that idea.  

Here he is again,  now nearer 15 than 14.  Needed to restring a guitar I don't use very often.  No sooner opened the case and removed the guitar, and Sam was in it.  The case is much smaller than the usual cases, and Sam - no longer very agile - couldn't settle down in it anyway.  Didn't stop him trying, as the case was on the floor,

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