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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

Flynders had four puppies on Monday 9th June between 7.20 a.m. and 9.15 a.m..  Three girls and one boy. so far all doing well, and pronounced fit and healthy by the attending Vet.  Flynders is a very sensitive dog and takes everything seriously -  unlike her sister Bindi who is a typical lively Fox Terrier.

Flynders' puppies at 5 days

Flynders with her puppies at 6 days.

These photos were taken when they were three days old; they're now ten days old.. The top row show the puppies from one side and the bottom row shows the same puppies  from the other side, so you can see their markings reasonably well. The puppy on the left is the boy. We'll put some more recent photos on in a day or so.  The puppies almost double their weight in the first week, so they're already noticeably bigger. Flynders has settled down to being a really good mother, although for  the first two days she was very tired.

We've just sent off the registrations, with a choice or two kennel names per puppy.  Hopefully., we'll get our first choice and when we do, we'll put the names on the site.

The puppies are now 15 days old.  Eyes are now open, and they're starting to get up on their feet and wobble about, instead of crawling. In another week, they'll be able to leave the whelping room and spend time in the playpen in the front room. By that time they'll be eating a mixture of baby porridge and then finely mashed puppy food.  Sam is a bit put out, because he isn't allowed in the room which he's always regarded as his; that's where goes for a snooze.

The top row shows the puppies from one side, and the bottom row shows them from the other side, so their markings can be seen. They're not in the same order as the earlier group, although the boy is still the dog on the far left.

As above, the puppies are 15 days old - temporarily housed on a crate bed while the bedding was changed in the whelping box. The picture on the right shows them back in their box, happily snoozing on top of Mum, Flynders.

Flynders' puppies now aged 3 weeks and 2 days. They've just been wormed; caught 'em by surprise the first time, but they know what to expect next time and it won't be so easy.  They're all very similar in  weight - the three girls are  900 grams and the boy is 850 grams (that's the boy 3rd from the left in the first picture, and 2nd from the left in the second picture. They've also started eating solid food.

We're going to introduce them to the big playpen in the next day or so, and they'll be able to spend some time in the garden. The playpen is covered;  we wouldn't one of the puppies to be a meal for a passing bird of prey. And  - if you don't think that's likely, have a look at the picture on the right. This was taken in our garden when Flynders and Bindi were about 6 months old.  We're not bird spotters so we don't know for sure what species of bird of prey it was, but it was big and not overly bothered about me getting close enough to get a photograph. It got the two doves in one go.




Flynders' puppies are now five weeks old. It's not easy taking pictures of small puppies  - particularly when on a time budget and trying to get specific pictures.  Once they've woken up they never stay still, and the picture you thinks you've taken with a digital camera usually isn't the one you end up with.  Charlie Brown (the boy) is the most obliging - we got lots of pictures of him, but the three girls weren't quite so easy.

Another one of Ruby, taken in her bed with the rest of the gang (suitably edited out)

Charlie Brown - definitely the most obliging puppy when it comes to having his photo taken.


Katie - sitting by the patio door, waiting for somebody to lift her back in..

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