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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

That's Bindi on the left (looking a bit of a scruff and ready for a coat-job) where she jumped for a bit of piece and quiet after she foolishly decided to play with the puppies, but very soon got tired of them hanging on to her tail and legs. On the right, you can see Sam, just poking his head around to see what's what. Sam's a lovely natured Fox Terrier, but he's only allowed to be with the puppies under supervision - as is Bindi. He loves to play, but he's a bit too rough for puppies.  All the puppies love playing on our old Chesterfield in the spare room where we keep the playpen and bed, and where they now sleep. They can't fall over the back, and we've put cushions on the floor around the rest of the sofa. It's almost impossible to keep hold of four lively puppies when they're playing, and we wouldn't want any of them getting hurt.  

The top two pictures are of Ruby. The bottom left one is Lucy fighting with the Vet Bed; the bottom right picture is Ruby (left) and Katie (right) playing tug-o'-war with the rope. They're five weeks old.

A puppy-proof patio is ideal for a play area when the weather's fine.  The puppies get stronger every day and it took them two days before they managed to work out how to scrabble over the step. Left to right: Lucy, Katie, Ruby & Charlie Brown.

Above  - Katie (left) and Charlie Brown playing tug with the rope, although when he thinks about it Charlie Brown would much sooner be chewing the cardboard sheet on the carpet.

Ruby (left) and Lucy having their first drink of water when let loose in the kitchen for the first time. Most kitchens are ideal for puppies; they nearly always have a hard floor covering; there's very few places where they can hide or get stuck, and there's plenty to see.

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