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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

All of the puppies have now gone to their new homes, including Charlie Brown - who we were planning to keep for as long as we could. He really was a great little dog. However the right person came along and now he's got a super new home and also a new name; he's now called Oscar, and he's gone to live in Cheshire.

Ruby has settled down well on the Wirral and we've actually been to see her in her new home, which she shares with Harvey.  Lucy has gone to Staffordshire, where she's also settled down with her new family. She's now called Freckles, and I'll post a picture on the site as soon as I can get it off my old computer.

Katie was the last to go, and she now lives in North Wales. She's settled in with two other Fox Terriers and a Kerry Blue.   

Two separate pictures of Flynders and her puppies. The one on the left was taken last weekend; they invaded her crate while she was trying to have a quiet snooze. Charlie Brown (that's him at the very back behind Flynders) has the typical Wire Fox Terrier characteristic of liking to squeeze into the smallest spaces. The picture on the right was taken today (30th July), tired out after a good mad run around the garden.

Katie - going to her new home at the end of August

Lucy - my new name is Freckles

Ruby: I've gone to live with a nice family who have another Fox Terrier.   I'm already bossing him around.

Charlie Brown. Still here.

Ruby & Katie

Charlie Brown & Ruby

Charlie Brown, Lucy & Ruby

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