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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

They all still sleep in the whelping room, but we now keep the lid down during the night, because Jamie can climb over the side, which he does as soon as he wakes up. Breakfast is 4 hard boiled eggs mixed with a bit of cheese, and which disappears like a magic trick.  Left to right is Charlie Brown 2nd, Maisy, Little Bruno & Jamie in the left hand photo.  They all had a shuffle round for the next photo a few seconds later; left to right is Charlie Brown, Little Bruno, Jamie & Maisy.

We put the puppies in Flynders' crate to settle down when they come in from the garden. Even when they're tired, and there's two of you, it's hard work trying to get 4 puppies into a crate.

Little Bruno (above left) and Maisy (above right) having a rest after charging around the bottom of the garden for half an hour.

Bindi keeping an eye on Maisy, with Charlie Brown poking his head through the trellis to see what's going on.

Little Bruno and Flynders at the bottom of the garden.

Here's Maisy - settled in her new home.

A series of photographs taken this week by a friend and showing all the puppies and dogs playing together in various parts of the garden. Flynders somehow managed to avoid having her photograph taken. Sam likes to keep his eyes on the puppies.

All the puppies love playing in the tunnel, but the main game is pulling it around - which they've worked out they can do as a joint effort.  Little Bruno managed to dig up all some newly planted plants, with Bindi looking on - probably wondering if she could get away with digging one up herself.

Little Bru, Charlie Brown & Jamie (now Murphy)

Little Bru, Jamie (Murphy) and Charlie Brown with Bindi lurking in the background

Two pictures of Charlie Brown, who's staying with us for the time being. August 2010.

This is the gang; l to r - Sam having a wash, Flynders, Bindi & Charlie Brown.

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