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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

Aged 5 weeks and now downstairs in the spare room during the daytime. It's an ideal playroom for them;  plenty of places to hide and play and perfectly safe.  That's Kristopher Robin on the left, all of them playing in the middle photo, and Bobby James on the right.  Flynders is in the room, but taking refuge on the back of the sofa.

Left photo: Bobby James trying to get Flynders to play, while Jenny Wren (Poppy) can see Sam in the through the door. Middle photo: Bobby James & Jenny Wren. Right photo:  Kristopher Robin & Bobby James under watchful eye of Flynders. Mum Bindi now leaves the supervision to Flynders.

Even with the help of our friend who knows a thing or twenty about Fox Terriers, puppies are still difficult to photograph. Above is Archie, at 6 weeks, and shown from both sides. Archie has a home in the Lake District.

This is Bailey - AKA Bobby James - who's appointed himself the Chief Puppy, although nobody takes much notice of his status. Bailey will be with us for the time being, although we call him Fido now - and he spends all his time stalking Sam

Above is Taylor, shown from both sides and very nicely marked. All the male puppies are very similar in size and weight.  Taylor has a home in Cheshire.

Poppy was the only girl in the litter; very nicely marked, and slightly finer boned than the males. Poppy is going to live in Manchester, very close to Scamp.

Archie and Bailey looking like best friends; but two minutes before the above photo was taken, Archie was trying to drag Bailey along the floor by the ear, with Poppy hanging on to his tail.  We've never had puppies or dogs who fight and mean it, but some of the things puppies do to each other whilst playing, never cease to amaze us.

Sam during the above puppy photo shoot; "Did I just see a puppy whistle past my nose?"  Sam believes that puppies should be kept firmly in their places, so he's never unsupervised with very young puppies, who don't understand that an old boy like Sam doesn't like having his feet and tail nipped.  He's not above having a crafty nip of his own.

Our Charlie Brown (left) and his brother Little Bruno (right)  taken October 2011

Sam being stalked to death by the last puppy to go to his new home. We called him Fido for the time being; where ever Sam was, Fido was never far away.

Here we are again; where there's Sam, there's Fido.  In the right picture that's Fido perched on top of Sam.

Charlie Brown with Fido - who's taking a short rest from stalking Sam

3 weeks. Bobby James giving his brother a wash - whether he wanted one or not

There's always one  determined to be the first one out of the whelping box, where they sleep at night.  Hasn't made it yet, though.

4 weeks. We need to have a word with the authorities about this accommodation . . . .

Just having a quick look to see what's going on. Almost time for our breakfast.

Two photographs of Bindi's puppies - born on June 7th 2011, and aged 6 days and 7 days respectively.  We don't take many photos of puppies until they're two or three weeks old.

Above are pictures taken of each puppy at 10 days, showing the markings on both sides. All the puppies were similar weight and size at 7 days, literally doubling in size in the first week

Jenny Wren

Bo Bo Baggins

Bobby James

Kristopher Robin

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