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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

Jon Jon



Joe Joe



Here they all are at just 4 weeks waiting patiently . Just kidding; this was the 15th photo.  Getting the one good shot requires patience and not a little luck. Back in the days before digital cameras were available, this was likely to be an expensive and time consuming exercise.

Jon Jon






Pssst  - - - - -  I've had an idea.

Are you listening? I said I've had an idea.

As a warm up to getting a Christmas picture, we thought we'd try getting them to pose in a wicker hamper basket.  Taking photos of puppies  - especially group photographs - is time consuming and you need plenty of patience.  Getting the one shot you need can mean taking scores of photographs.

All of the puppies are now in their new homes.  Nutmeg and Finn have been named Poppy and Benji, Rafferty and Bellatrix are now named Jager (can't get the accent over the "a") and Fitch, and Joe has been called Teddy.

At least one puppy manages to escape most of the photographs when we take ones outside.  Unless we pose them,  there's not much we can do about that. For one thing, they never keep still;  we also have to watch out for every puppy.  

Every one eating their meal outside for the first time

Jager and Jon Jon

Charlie Brown with Poppy in the background

Charlie Brown watching the puppies

Flynders having a rest.

We're not absolutely certain who this is;  two of the puppies have very similar markings one one side.

Charlie Brown with the puppies; Bindi on the right.  Benji nose to nose with CB.

Charlie Brown watching the puppies trying to attract attention through the door.


This is what happens when you put a clean, comfortable bed for them to lie in.

Jon Jon and Charlie Brown, with Sam lurking just the other side of the trellis.

Joe - now in his new home and called Teddy.

Jon Jon

Jon Jon and Jager

Four pictures of Jager and Rafferty in their new home; like all puppies - all they need is somewhere to dig, and something to play with.

Jager on the left, and Rafferty on the right showing the all-too-familiar signs of looking for somewhere to dig.

Teddy experimenting with a handy pool of water; right -  typical tired puppy.

Jager - "I don't think my mum can see me hiding here"

Rafferty & Jager; it's great fun exhausting mum, but it does make us a bit tired as well.

Three more pictures of Teddy,  who's certainly settled into to his new home.  The picture on the right is a familiar shot; every dog and puppy we've every had has loved getting its nose into a trifle/pudding/yoghurt dish.

Three pictures of Benji, now well and truly settled into his new home over in Nottinghamshire. Puppies have two main objectives; getting up stairs and getting into plantpots.

 . . . . .  . . . . and three more pictures of Teddy at work, at play, and resting.  It's a hard life keeping new owners on their toes.

Typical puppies.  Risk life and limb to find out what's on the other side, and then decide it was better on the first side.

Same again - only this time five of them decided to play the game. Not sure who's missing

Above are pictures taken of each puppy at 7 days, showing the markings on both sides. All the puppies were similar weight and size at 7 days, literally doubling in size in the first week. As usual,  they've been given pet names for the time being - and during the next day or so we'll think of some Kennel Club names so they can be registered.

.........and here's Flynders taken with her puppies just after the above puppy photo shoot.

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