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We're getting bigger every day

We've decided to eat healthily . .  . so we've started on the carrots

Making the most of getting onto the bed

Waiting by the gate to the bottom garden. Can't wait to get at the apples on the other side; there's always lots of them on the grass.   

Flynders having a snooze

Bindi Posing for a photograph

Flynders determined to settle where Sam is snoozing, and Sam just as determined to stay put.

One of the advantages of a large wire crate. You can confine all the trouble to one spot: especially muddy, dirty scruffy trouble

That's us (Flynders in front) with our friend Michele, who comes specially to see us  and -  more importantly - always brings us a bag of carrots.

Bindi (left) and Flynders taken in Sept 07


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