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The Wire Fox Terrier in 1897

The earliest Wire Fox Terrier I can remember, which I've recently discovered was called Pete and belonged to my cousin's uncle.

Taken from an old postcard (date unknown)

An old photograph, which has been in the family for years. We don't know the name of the dog or the person.

The first "Peggy" with her puppy, taken between 1929 and 1932. The dog in the photograph on the left with the unknown lady was the sire to either Peggy, or to her puppy; we're not sure which

Bath Time.

An old advert, taken from a 40's magazine.

We've bathed more than few Wire Fox Terriers in our time, but this is the first time we've seen one happily sitting in a bath-tub without trying to escape. For the purposes of the advert, we suspect there's no water in the tub

A Wire Fox Terrier and young owner 1920

Peggy 2 -  35 years ago

Our version of a well-known old photo

One Wire Fox Terrier puppy can be a handful; two can drive you mad. Just imagine having ten! Nothing fake about this picture.

Penny with her six puppies

Lottie getting a well-earned rest

Sam flying through the snow.. . . .

Sam - same place in better weather.

Same place - same pose - but the same weather and time as far left.

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