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Bindi and Flinders have had a visitor staying with them; BeaBea (pronounced BB) joined us for 10 ten days while her owner, Alan, was at Crufts.  That's BeaBea Top Left, and also Top Right (with Bindi lurking just behind).  Bottom Left is  Flynders getting close to having her coat stripped. That's also Flynders Bottom Right, taking a short cut through one of the flower beds.

A recent picture of Bindi taken shortly after her coat was clippered. We don't hand-strip Bindi; she has a very fine coat and stripping it seems to irritate her skin. This can happen with fine coats.

Flynders in full coat (Sam lurking in the background). I stripped her the week after the photo was taken. Flynders has a lovely wire coat;  she loves being groomed on the table - she'll stand there happily without even a collar on.  Unlike Bindi who prefers the scruffy look and won't stand still.


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