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English & International Champion Bruno The Brave

Photo - by kind permission of Rita Head

Bindi and her four puppies (two boys & two girls) two days old.

8 days old, and double the weight they were a week ago, which is about right


We've already spotted the trouble maker. It's the third one, going clockwise. As noisy as the other three put together.

Aged 13 days

Bindi's puppies at 2 weeks 2 days, and getting bigger every day. The top row shows each puppy from one side, the bottom row shows each puppy from the other side.

Scamp - I've got a home in Manchester

Snowy - and I've got a home near Hull in Yorkshire.

Tina - and I'm going to  St Helens to live on a farm.

I've got a new home and I'm going to called Megan.

You'd think they'd pick a corner each.  But, no - if a spot's good enough for one, it's good enough for everybody.  Hard luck for Megan, though, on the bottom. Not that she seems to be bothered. Scamp's on top of Megan, Tina's on top of Scamp and Megan, and Snowy's  at the back


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